Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meeting Federal Goals Constitution Day

Meeting Federal Goals Constitution Day: Schools Need Activities on September 17

While Congress legislated Constitution Day, there is not funding for Constitution Day activities. According to its notice, the Department of Education, "is aware that there may be other public and private resources available that may be helpful to educational institutions in implementing Constitution Day." Whatever activities schools decide on, they need to be done on September 17th.

Constitution Day Activities

The federal government has provided a Constitution Day activities that provides Constitution Day activities, and even if districts do not use these activities, they may help answer the potentially overwhelming question of, "What do we do if we can't get a guest speaker?".

Based on the government website, schools may want to provide activities that allow students to:

  • learn about the original signers of the Constitution
  • examine the motivations of the writing and signers of the Constitution
  • understand the evolution of the Constitution
  • discover how the Constitution provides unity for the states
  • explore the boundaries and flexibilities of the Constitution.

To make the Constitution more accessible, schools might want to offer simplified versions of the Constitution, word-searches, crossword puzzles, games, and create classroom consitutions to help students understand significant concepts relating to the Constitution.

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